Vegan Wedding Guest Brings Own Food

A wedding guest has been shamed after bringing her own food to the reception so she could be confident her vegan dietary requirements were met.

While most hotels and caterers will offer vegan options on their wedding menus these days, a woman in the USA obviously did not trust her meal would be completely animal-free as she was pictured carrying food around the wedding in her own Tupperware box.

Dismayed by her behaviour, another guest from North Carolina wrote on the Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming that the vegan not only caused problems at the wedding but also at the bachelorette party.

“We went to a nice restaurant Saturday night, with plenty of vegan options (we checked the menu for her ahead of time) but she insisted on lugging a HUGE Tupperware container of her special food out,” the disgruntled guest wrote.

The bride and groom did their best to cater for everyone at the wedding and ordered a special vegan meal for their friend. However, this was not particularly well received, as she continued to bring her own food not only to the rehearsal dinner but also to the reception.

More than 700 people have commented on the Facebook post and it has received over 500 likes from other social media users, with one saying “bringing outside food to a restaurant is tacky and unsanitary”.

Of course, the guest might not have been totally sure her dietary requirements would have been adhered to as some couples can be fussy about who they cater for.

One bride recently asked for advice on an online wedding group, as she has refused to offer alternative choices for her vegan guests.

“We are not making special food accommodations. If our parents needed something, sure. Them? No,” she wrote on the Facebook page.

However, her comment has resulted in opposing reactions, with one writing: “There’s no reason why she couldn’t communicate with her caterer ahead of time and make sure all her guests are fed.”

Whether using Mere Court Hotel as a wedding venue in Cheshire or for its restaurant facilities, you can be confident we cater for different dietary requirements.

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