What’s Your Favourite Dessert For Sunday Lunch?

If you ask Brits to name their favourite meal, Sunday lunch is likely to be right up there near the top. Whether you’re partial to roast beef, roast chicken or even a nut roast, you can’t quite beat a roast dinner on a Sunday.

But while most people would agree that the components of a roast should include roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, a selection of vegetables and, of course, gravy, what we eat for dessert is up for a bit more debate.

Cornwall Live recently shared the findings of a survey by Kelly’s of Cornwall, which might help settle the question of what we should have for pudding after a roast dinner.

The news provider revealed that apple pie with ice cream was the preferred option to follow a roast, with 23 per cent of the vote. This was followed by a crumble and ice cream (22 per cent) and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream (19 per cent).

People were also asked what their favourite roast is, with chicken coming out on top with 28 per cent of the vote, closely followed by beef with 26 per cent.

The researchers also revealed that the optimum time to eat a Sunday roast is at 3pm, although 33 per cent of those questioned said they believed cooking a roast was too much hassle. If that’s how you feel, but you still love this kind of meal, why not arrange to go out for Sunday lunch in Knutsford?

For the perfect Sunday, take a walk along the Knutsford Rail Trail first to make sure you work up a real appetite.

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