Knutsford Named A Top Place To Live In The North West

If you already live in Knutsford, you probably already know what a lovely place it is to live. It’s always nice to see your local area championed as a great place to live though.

Knutsford has been named as one of the top ten places to live in the North West in The Sunday Times annual report on the best places to settle down around the UK.

The report is compiled based on a range of metrics, including house prices, employment, broadband speed, schools, community spirit and local shops.

Judges who compile The Sunday Times list also use their own experiences and insight to come up with the final ranks, the Knutsford Guardian reported.

Helen Davies, The Sunday Times Home editor, commented: “This year we were looking for community spirit along with convenience and culture. There is so much going on around the country, and so many great places, that the choice was a hard one.”

Overall, Salisbury was named as the winner in the whole of the UK, the Knutsford Times revealed.

There really is a great deal going on in our community, and there are always new events being hosted to help people get out and about and enjoy our local area. One example that’s coming up is the Knutsford Bunny Hop, which is designed to encourage families to explore the town this Easter.

It will take place on Saturday 20 April, when families will be out searching for nine bunnies hidden in various locations around the town centre.

If you’re going to have a go at the Bunny Hop on Saturday, why not plan a less energetic activity the following day and book Sunday lunch in Knutsford?

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